The Mind with the Dirty Man

The Mind with the Dirty Man
Presented at the Waterloo Stage Theatre
Show dates August 11 to 15, 1999
The Cast
Father Jerome Steve Buttery
Mr. O.F. Reed John Canhoto
Lucretia Conwell Doris Firman
Diane Dracman Sandy Hannaford
Wayne Gordon Janes
Divina Amy Neufeld
Alma Stone Carolyn Parks
Clayton Stone Sam Varteniuk
The Artistic Team
Directed by Allan Hoch
Produced by Don Bourgeois & Allan Hoch
Technical Director Lucas Simonetto
Stage Manager Suzanne Haines
Assistant Stage Manager Andrea Salin
Box Office Bill Klos with Peter Hinschberger
Costumes Penny Taylor
House Deb Hoch with Don Bourgeois, Susan Campbell, Mary Dwyer, Cheryl Ewing, Alex Hoch, Jen Hoch, Mary Hoch
Lighting Design: Lucas Simonetto; Operator: Julia Turzanski
Make-up Bill Klos
Marketing & Promotions James Howe with Peter Lehman, Joe Simas
Properties Sonya Holt
Set Design Frank Neary
Set Construction Frank Neary
Set Decoration Sally Groothuis
De Crew Jenn Anderson, Chris Bendia, Melissa Bourgeois, Chris Bruntlett, Mary Dwyer, Sally Groothuis, Deb Hoch, Jen Hoch, Allan Hoch, Alex Hoch, Frank Neary, Dan O'Kane Schneider, Lucas Simonetto, William Stuart Ross, Julia Turzanski