Little Shop of Horrors

Picture of Little Shop of Horrors
Directed by Bill Klos
Produced by Nancy Dahmer
Musical Director Dan Stroeder
Presented at the Victoria Park Pavilion
Show dates Aug. 17th. - 21th. 1993
Audrey Barbara Virley
Seymour Jonathan Goad
Mr. Mushnik Tim Farrell
Dr. Orin Scrivello Avi Salsberg
wino, Bernstein, Skip Snip,
Mrs. Luce, customer
Steve Roth
voice of Audrey Frank Neary
puppeteer Greg Krafchick
chorus Kelly Amaral
Dawn Sadler
David VandenEnden
Kevin Payne
urchins Sarah Farwell
Jessica Farwell
Jennifer Hoch
Alex Hoch
Seymour and the street gang
Seymour, Audrey II and the street gang
Seymour and Mr. Mushnik tango the night away
Mr. Mushnik and Seymour celebrate their new father/son relationship
Seymour and Orin
Seymour and Dr. Orin Scrivello DDS
Mr. Mushnik and the street gang
Mr. Mushnik and the street gang listen to Seymour's radio broadcast