Guys and Dolls

Picture of Guys and Dolls
Directed by Bill Klos
Produced by Nancy Dahmer
Musical Director Michelle Bergauer
Presented at the Victoria Park Pavilion
Show dates Aug. 12th. - 16th. 1997
Old Lady Street Vendor Susan Campbell
Shady Character #1 Greg Krafchick
Shady Character #2 Darek Riedel
Newspaper Man John Strucke
Hula Hooper Emily Shelton
Sightseers Cheryl Ewing
John Trinh
James Howe
Bobby Soxers Deborah Baty
Natalie Tewfik
Actor Todd Pettigrew
Actress Amber Lewis
Prop the Dog as Himself
Streetwalkers Amy Clements
Lori Duncan
Officer Brannigan Tim Farrell
Texan Tim Pegg
Texan's Wife Wendy Weinberg
Photographer Steve Buttery
Baby Buggy Vendors Debra Blundell
Jonathan Dietrich
Nicola Macey
Prize Fighter Douglas Morton
Prize Fighter's Manager John Tewfik
Tour Guide Greg Krafchick
Pick Pocket Marc Tremblett
Blind Man Darek Reidel
Nicely-Nicely Johnson Frank Neary
Benny Southstreet Jeno Huber
Rusty Charlie Ted Pegg
Mission Band Members
Sarah Brown Elizabeth Dietrich
Agatha Kalina Seifried
Martha Caitlin Laforet
Arvide Abernathy Bruce Cameron
Calvin Don "Doc" Bourgeois
Drunk Steve Buttery
Harry the Horse Douglas Morton
Nathan Detroit Sam Varteniuk
Crap Shooters Steve Buttery
Jonathon Dietrich
James Howe
Tim Pegg
Todd Pettigrew
Darek Riedel
John Strucke
Marc Tremblett
John Trinh
Adelaide Lisa Franks
Mimi Rachel Molnar
Hot Boxgirl #1 Amy Clements
Hotbox Girl #2 Lori Duncan
Sky Masterson Adam Cornwell
Joey's Voice John Tewfik
M.C. at Hotbox James Howe
Waiter at Hotbox Greg Krafchick
Customers at Hotbox Todd Pettigrew
Natalie Tewfik
Marc Tremblett
General Matilda Cartwright Cheryl Ewing
Big Jule John Tewfik
Havanna Dancers Amy Clements
Lori Duncan
Havanna Waiter Greg Krefchick



Sky Masterson and Nathan Detroit

Nicely-Nicely Johnson, Benny Southstreet and Rusty Charlie