A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

Directed by   Bruce Cameron
Produced by   Sil Del Cul
Musical Director   Jamie Stager
Presented at the   Victoria Park Pavilion
Show dates   Aug. 19th. - 21st. 1987
Pseudolus   Mark Panchaud
Hysterium   Tim Lattner
Domina, Vibrata   Anne Marie Massicotte
Senex   Bill Klos
Philia   Rosemarie Burton
Hero   Jamie Kovarik
Lycus   Dan Hutter
Erronius   Tony Hinschberger
Miles   Richard Costello
Panacea   Terri Angel
Tintinabula   Jane Beingessner
Gemini I   Nancy Brown
Gemini II   Patricia Tessner
Gymnasia   Karen Prior
Protean I   Tim Farrell
Protean II   Allan Hoch
Protean III   Orin Pilgrim
Philia and Hero

Philia and Hero
Senex and Domina

Senex (A lesson to you all, never fall in love during a total eclipse) and Domina (Hurry along, and carry my bust with pride) .... a marriage made by the gods
Forum set

Stage and house at Victoria Park Pavilion