Arsenic & Old Lace

Presented at the The Registry Theatre
Show dates August 13 - 16, 2003
The Cast
Officer Brophy John Askin
Mortimer Brewster Shaun Clarke
Martha Brewster Liz Dietrich
Elaine Harper Andrea Kerswill
Officer Klein Terry Kitchen
Dr. Einstein Frank Neary
Mr. Spenalzo Ed Marimba
Abby Brewster Jocelyne Rioux
Gibbs/Lt. Rooney Wayne Roberts
Officer O'Hara Steve Robinson
Teddy Brewster William Ross
Mr. Hoskins Adam Sanderson
Dr. Harper / Mr. Witherspoon Michael Smyth
Jonathan Brewster Aaron Wilson
Playwright Joseph Kesselring
Director Allan Hoch
Producer Don Bourgeois
Stage Manager Terri Wilkinson
Lighting Design Alex Hoch
Set Design Kevin Schmalz
Costumes Cheryl Ewing and Deborah Hoch with Mary Baldasaro, Mary Hoch, Jo Voisin
Hair & Make-up Jilianne Hoffer
Properties Adam Sanderson with Suzanne Haines, Krista Pederson
Poster & Program Design Joe Simas
Assistant Stage Managers Jennifer Hoch & Hunter Meyer
Set Construction Brian Schmalz with Kevin Schmalz, Tim Dwyer
Set Decoration Jim Grant with Mary Dwyer
Set Crew Doug Anderson, Nicholas Cameron, Bruce Cameron, Nan Fischer, Alex Hoch, Allan Hoch, Deb Hoch, Rita Hoch, Frank Neary, Jaqueline Renaud, Curtis Schmalz, Erik Schmalz, Lauren Schmalz, Madison Schmalz, Patrice Schmalz, Zeke Schmalz
Lighting Crew Steph Boudreau, Nicholas Cameron, Jen Hoch, Hunter Meyer, Frank Neary, Mike O'Driscoll, Katherine Philips, Will Ross, Adam Sanderson
House Manager Julia Turzanski
House Don Bourgeois, Peter Houston, Heather Rodger, Donna Turzanski
Marketing Communications James Howe
Box Office Don Bourgeois
Produced by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc.